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indocoin address:
mazacoin address:
account_key: [HIDE] [STORE] 
deposit indocoin:[QR]
indocoin balance:
deposit mazacoin:[QR]
mazacoin balance:

  BipCot NoGov License, 2021,
loom location: need_valid_addresses
MAZA Markets:
Send INDOCOIN that you have on BitShares or CryptoBridge to btswnfn and fill out the loom location as the memo to receive it here.
The glyph should match this.
You may also withdraw from here to your BitShares or CryptoBridge account using your id.
Use to search using your account name to find your id.
Most bitshares IDs have "1.2." as their prefix.

Kratom/Indocoin asset id: 10101010101010101010101010101013x8x8x4b544f2d494e444fxc1d10714
Mazacoin asset id: 10101010101010101010101010101012x8x8x4d617a61636f696ex3382aa79

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