Send Indocoin issued from anchor or KTO issued from anchor back to address: --- (Triple click to select to copy)

only if your stellar client does not support the preceding address format. Include the above memo_text as well.
NOTE: For lobstr wallets please use the mobile app since the web version does not support sending assets back to the issuer. It will be easier to get your txid from however once sent. You may send to idc* with the mobile app to ease typing it in.
Market Capitalization: 
Outstanding: 18,990,595,400
Bid: $22,862.62 USD - Ask: $33,457.49 USD
Bid: $12.04 USD (169,144.32 IDR) - Ask: $17.62 USD (247,528.27 IDR)
XLM Buy book over 20%: $2.47  USD
XLM Sell book under 20%: $51.46  USD
Issued to stellar users: 900,000,000.0000000
Bid: $1,083.50 USD - Ask: $1,585.61 USD $0.10 USD Strict Receive: 59,481.76 KTO $16.81 USD/10M || KTO/NGNT
$0.10 USD Strict Send: 56,790.12 KTO $17.61 USD/10M || KTO/XLM
Indocoin/KTO pair liquidity variance: 0.0000000 KTO
KTO liquidity variance: 0.0000000 KTO

Loom location:

Stellar txid:

The loom location can be found at or . To withdraw Indocoin to the stellar network, simply use your stellar address (G___) on these sites as well.

The following stellar asset is accepted to deposit.