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Market Capitalization: 
Outstanding: 19,070,419,200
Bid: $8,980.59 USD - Ask: $14,967.65 USD
Bid: $4.71 USD (67,420.76 IDR) - Ask: $7.85 USD (112,367.93 IDR)
XLM Buy book over 20%: $2.12  USD
XLM Sell book under 20%: $14.91  USD
Issued to stellar users: 1,000,000,000.0000000
Bid: $470.92 USD - Ask: $784.86 USD $0.10 USDC Strict Receive: 171,000.75 KTO $5.85 USD/10M || KTO/NGNT
$0.10 USDC Strict Send: 156,045.14 KTO $6.41 USD/10M || KTO/NGNT
Indocoin/KTO pair liquidity variance: 0.0000000 KTO
KTO liquidity variance: 0.0000000 KTO

Loom location:

Stellar txid:

The loom location can be found at or . To withdraw Indocoin to the stellar network, simply use your stellar address (G___) on these sites as well.

The following stellar asset is accepted to deposit.